Website Checklist

Before starting website development, it is important to first gather all of the materials for your company that might be included on your site.

Selecting a Domain name for your Website

Consider unique names or brands assoicated with your business.

Names that are easy to spell are easier to communicate

Search for available domain names at , , , or others.

Domain registration is included in the agreement, allow us to register the domain(s) for you.

Tell us your Website Design preferences

Tell us what you like and dislike

  • Favorite colors & fonts
  • Themes such as southwest or modern
  • List websites that you like
Website content in electronic documents

We accept Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, PDF, and most documents but please limit handwritten material.

Contact Information with business name, address, and contact information

Mission statement, news articles, publications, testimonials, ect..

Description & Keywords for search engines

The description is submitted to the search engines and is included in the search results.

Search results may be truncated so we suggest beginning with a brief description and including more details later in the description.

Search words used to find your website

One search word(s) per line, suggest less than 10 words

Include words that describe your business, products, and/or services

Names of products, services, clients, related businesses, and even competitors

Social Networking

If you have a Facebook account, register your business Facebook Page.  This allows you to share a link such as 

To choose your username goto