Web Applications

Below are a collection of web applications that can be install on your site.
These are stand-alone web applications and are a one-time cost.

Web Applications

Here you can find a large library of high standard commercial PHP scripts, software solutions with individual industry specification.

Newsletter Subscription Service

The simplest and most affordable way to send targeted email marketing campaigns.

$120 includes installation Try the Demo
  • A simple and easy to use PHP newsletter script to increase your subscribers base, manage mailing lists, and send bulk email campaigns. The mailing list manager is flexible and very customizable. Built in PHP this Newsletter Subscription Script can be modified as you wish. You can make your own changes to the PHP code or ask us for modifications.
  • Targeted bulk campaigns help you build a strong and lasting relationship with your customers and our email marketing script helps you do that the easy way. You can create customized email messages and send them to multiple subscribers.
  • Keep your subscribers engaged by sending them the right message! With our mailing list manager you can have different email lists and send each group different email messages.Newsletter Script

  • Import or export subscribers in the newsletter script using CSV files. The function allows you to quickly update your subscribers' profiles. See how?

  • When importing data to your lists you don’t need to worry about duplicating subscribes. The Smart update feature will not allow duplicating any existing subscriber but overwrite the information in the user profile.

  • When you create a campaign you have the option to schedule a later date and time for delivery. The Newsletter Subscription Script will do the rest.

  • You can send an email campaign in batches which means that emails will be sent in portions. This helps control the traffic and prevents our email marketing script from using too much server resources.

  • HTML messages are beautiful and fancy, but you can be always sure that the recipient’s email client can render HTML. Using our email marketing script you can create both plain text and HTML versions of your campaign.

  • You can create customized opt-in confirmation and autoresponder messages. The opt-in confirmation is a message sent to user’s inbox after filling out your signup form and asking them to confirm subscription. The autoresponder is sent after that confirmation.

  • Use our mailing list manager to create customized signup forms. In the admin panel you can select which form fields to be available on signup. You can ask your users for phone, address, website, company, and other information that identifies them.

  • Embedding the newsletter subscription form is a matter of copying and pasting a few lines of code onto your web page. The subscription form for each group has separate integration codes so you don’t have to worry about messing up users.

  • The framework is specially developed for high rate performance and works great even with heavy databases. Watch a video demonstration of one of our scripts having one million listings added and eight million records in the database.

Knowledge Base Builder

Web based knowledge base software for you to create Q&A area on your website.
$120 includes installation

A simple knowledge base software that allows you to create and easily maintain Q&A section on your website, publish content, add rich text formatting, links and embed multimedia. This script is built in PHP and uses MySQL to store the database. The PHP knowledge base script uses our latest framework and adapts to any screen resolution to provide optimal user experience on any device.

  • Ability to structure your content with categories. You can easily add categories and multi level subcategories with category name and description to your knowledge base script.knowledge base software

  • With hundreds of questions in your knowledge base you know how difficult it is to find something. Our knowledge base software has a quick search on the front-end and advanced search engine built-in the admin panel.

  • You can choose to use a glossary in your knowledge base. If you make the glossary available, you need to create a custom glossary for your knowledge base.

  • There are two user groups with different access level to the administration page: administrator and editor. You can have an unlimited number of users in each user group.

PHP Event Calendar

Event calendar software with multiple views and numerous customizable options.
$130 includes installation Try Demo

Display events on your website with this nice and easy-to-use event calendar script. PHP Event Calendar is ? great event management plugin for any website. Our web calendar supports recurring events, five calendar layouts and multiple views. The calendar script can be used by users who are unfamiliar with PHP coding, as well as by webmasters for their clients' websites.

  • To make sure that our event calendar software will fit your website design we have provided five web calendar themes to choose from. You can also switch on/off other front-end options such as multiple views, categories or further customize your online event calendar.

  • Three front-end views are available: calendar view, list view, and monthly view. Front-end users can easily switch between front-end views if you as an admin allow it. This option could easily be turned off in the event calendar script’s admin panel.Event calendar software

  • With PHP Event Calendar you can create and manage recurring events – daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly recurring events, or even create a custom repeating pattern.

  • User level access to the admin panel allows each user to have their own login details and limited access to the calendar administration. Customizable options and settings can only be accessed by users who have admin rights to the calendar software while editors can manage events and categories.

  • Our event calendar script has a language module which allows you to handle the translations for both the admin and the web calendar front-end. Using the language module you can edit all system messages, back-end and front-end titles.

Event Booking Calendar

Online event management and event booking system.
$190 includes installationtry demo of Event Booking Calendar

Event Booking Calendar is an online event registration system that enables your website visitors to register for classes, trainings, conferences, and other events directly on your website. Our event booking system has a simple user interface and an administration page that gives you the ability to create customized event registration forms, collect user details and accept payments – all from your computer.

  • With Event Booking Calendar you can create an unlimited number of events and organize them in categories. Set up all kinds of events: concerts, workshop, trainings, seminars, and more. You can integrate each event registration form individually through a separate integration code.
  • Create as many different types of tickets as you need and set different prices for tickets, add a tax percentage and specify currency. With our event booking software you can upload ticket templates and generate PDF tickets.
  • Process transactions with your preferred methodEvent booking calendar software of payment. Event Booking Calendar is integrated with PayPal and Authorize.Net to help you process online payments. The booking system also collects credit card details for offline processing and will show bank account details to your clients.
  • With the event booking system you can organize events in categories to make it easy for website visitors to find events they would like to attend.
  • Create repeating events and let the event booking script handle event bookingonline registrations and time - daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly recurring events, or custom repeating events.

  • With Event Booking Calendar users with administrator permissions can create an unlimited number of editors who have limited access to the event booking system. Editors can only see and use certain features of the booking system and are not able to change main settings and options.


STIVA Shopping Cart

Simple ready-to-go PHP Shopping Cart script for building dynamic online stores.
$220 includes installation Shopping Cart

Ready-to-use PHP shopping cart with an easy administration page and full control over product pages, orders and invoicing. With our responsive e-commerce script, you will have your online store completely optimized across a wide range of end-user devices and screen resolutions. The Shopping Cart script has a simple interface and helps you customize users' shopping experience and convert them into buyers.

  • Build online stores that are completely optimized and responsive across a wide range of end-user devices and screen resolutions. The STIVA Shopping Cart script provides an optimal shopping experience for mobile phones, tablets, PC and Mac.
  • Customize your shopper's experience by editing the general options via the admin panel – date & time format, time zone, payment methods, customizes the checkout form, create email notifications and add multiple languages. Also customize every single aspect of the e-commerce script through CSS and PHP.Shopping Cart
  • In addition to the PayPal integration and the ability to collect credit card details, STIVA Shopping Cart script now incorporates three other ways to collect payments - Authorize.net, Bank Account information and Cash on delivery.
  • Add unlimited number of products and multilevel sub-categories, add custom attributes and extras, manage stock via a combination of item attributes (colors, sizes, etc.); you can set quantity, custom price and add unique images for each combination of item attributes. Watch a video...
  • Make it easier for your shoppers to find what they are looking for - enhance product listings by making them featured or mark products of the same kind to show them as similar products. Watch a video...
  • As good and easy your e-commerce website is, it will be nothing if your users can't find it online. Although the STIVA Shopping Cart is a javascript/Ajax app search engines can still crawl your product pages.
  • An essential step for making your online store findable is to include SEO friendly URLs for your product pages. Simply check an option in the shopping cart admin page and you will have the product’s name automatically included in the corresponding URL.Shopping cart
  • Easy checkout page, automatic shipping and tax calculation and fulfillment, ability to automatically create user profiles with ordering. You've got all with our e-commerce script.

  • Sell digital products as well. Mark product as digital and add files from your computer or path file so your shoppers can download the product after buying it. In addition, you can set link expiration date.

  • Voucher system lets you manage promotions and discounts. The shopping cart administrator can add fixed or percentage discounts to all or specific products for any date or period.

  • Users can recommend your products to their friends through social media or via personal recommendation. You have sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter and Google +, send to a friend feature or add to favorites.

  • Our PHP Shopping Cart script has the ability to automatically create invoices for orders. Shopping cart administrator can configure invoices and create invoice templates with any company logo and attributes.Shopping Cart

  • Automatic shipping cost and tax calculation and fulfillment on the checkout page. As an administrator, you only need to fill shipping costs and tax percentage for each location, then let our e-commerce script handle the calculation.

  • A simple CRM module that integrates client contacts and keeps track of orders. Clients can manage general information and address book through their online profiles.

  • Advanced gallery controls and photo editing tools are available in the online shopping cart admin panel. Crop and resize images, add watermark or compress images directly from the admin panel.

  • Embedding the PHP shopping cart script is a matter of copying and pasting a few lines of code onto your web page. Easy as a piece of cake.

  • The framework is specially developed for high rate performance and works great even with heavy databases. Watch a video demonstration of one of our scripts having one million listings added and eight million records in the database.

Food Delivery Script


Online food ordering system for your restaurant website. Easy, fast & cost effective!
$210 includes installationFood Delivery Script 


Food Delivery Script is an online food ordering software for restaurants, pizzas, pubs and cafes. With our restaurant delivery software you can create custom menu list, manage menu categories, orders, pick-up and delivery areas, payment options and vouchers. No programming skills are required, using a simple piece of code you can have online food ordering system on your website.

Restaurant menu builder

With this super easy PHP food ordering script you can create an attractive restaurant menu organized in categories. You can add an unlimited number of products with description, additional extras, size dishes and more.Food Delivery Script

Pickup and delivery

With our food ordering script you can add any number of restaurant locations and define delivery areas, set up pickup and delivery working times, delivery fees and more.

Payment integration

With our food ordering script you can collect deposit payments or the full order amount using PayPal and Authorize.NET, wire transfers, collect credit card details or cash on delivery. Other ways to collect payments? See details...

Google Maps integrationFood Delivery Script

Google Maps integration makes this online food ordering system a convenient and user-friendly tool. Customers can see pick-up addresses and delivery areas when they order food online.

Voucher system

In the Admin you can create voucher codes for discounts which users can use to get discount from the regular price when ordering using the food ordering system.

Email & SMS notifications

Set up automatic notifications triggered by different events. There are tokens available for you so you can create personalized emails to both customers and admins.Food Delivery Script

Multi-level admin access

You can create an unlimited number of users with different level of access to the food delivery software.

Multilanguage support

Built-in Language module allows you to translate the food ordering system to any language you wish and also add a multilanguage switch bar on the front-end.

Database backup

Prevent any loss of information by regularly performing a backup of your database and files. Log in as an administrator to the script and create backup with just one click of a button.

Mobile optimized

Use our PHP food ordering script on any mobile optimized websites. The script is completely optimized and responsive across a wide range of end-user devices to provide an optimal experience for mobile phones, tablets, PC and Mac.

One admiN

Use the One AdmiN feature to enable a single login screen for multiple PHPjabbers' scripts. Once enabled, you can use a drop-down menu to switch between the Food Delivery Script and any other PHPjabbers' script you use. Read more about One admiN.

High-speed and performance

PHPjabbers software framework is specially developed for high rate performance and works great even with heavy databases. Read more...

Appointment Scheduler


Online appointment scheduling software to boost bookings and manage appointments.
$220 includes installationTry Demo

Embed an easy appointment scheduling software into your website to boost your bookings, add online-self booking functionality, manage appointment calendars, individual schedules, services and rates. Appointment Scheduler is flexible, robust and highly adaptable software solution for any business and needs. Use the appointment script as a standalone solution or integrate it into any other web based system.

  • STIVA Appointment Scheduler is designed with a number of features to help you set up a real time scheduler and automate appointment bookings, accept online payments and automatically update your schedule online.
  • As an administrator, you can assign services to one or more employees, thus let your clients book an individual appointment with a professional of their choice. Watch a video on how to manage employees' accounts andindividual working hours using the Appointment Scheduler.appointment scheduler
  • Manage business timesheet and individual appointment calendars from one integrated admin where you can add and edit appointments manually, manage business hours, employee profiles, login details and individual schedules.
  • The Appointment Scheduler front-end is built with responsive design and adapts to any screen resolution to provide optimal user experience on any device - PC or Mac, tablets and mobile devices.
  • All admins and staff members get email notifications every time an appointment has been booked and confirmed. Email notifications can be edited and personalized via the administration page using a set of available tokens.http://2geckos.com/demo/scheduler

  • You can set custom booking and payment notifications to both clients and admins as well as send booking reminders to clients via email and SMS. Watch a video tutorial on how to personalize email notifications with STIVA Appointment Scheduler.

  • The Appointment Scheduler automatically creates invoices for each booking made. As an administrator, you can set invoice configuration and create a template with your company logo and attributes.

  • Using the appointment scheduling software you can generate reports with the most booked services, employees, confirmed and cancelled appointments during a date range set. Reports are displayed in colorful graphic charts which help you easily monitor and understand data.http://2geckos.com/demo/scheduler

  • Paypal and Autorize.NET gateways are integrated with STIVA Appointment Scheduler to automate the booking process and facilitate deposit payments and confirmation. Use a simple checkbox to enable online payments, credit card collection or bank account info for wire transfers.

  • Add your own booking terms to the online scheduler. JavaScript validation is performed on user input before sending the data to the database, so clients must read and agree with the booking terms before making an appointment.

  • JavaScript is used on the front-end to increase loading speed and dynamically update the appointment script without reloading the web page. Also a SEO module will help you better optimize the script.

  • The framework is specially developed for high rate performance and works great even with heavy databases. Watch a video demonstration of one of our scripts having one million listings added and eight million records in the database.

Store Locator Script

Easy PHP Store Locator with Google Maps API and a number of features.
$170 includes installation

Store Locator PHP script with Google Maps API allows your website visitors to easily locate stores on the map. This Google Maps Store Locator comes packed with a number of features and easy user interface for both the back- and the front-end; with the Store Locator script you can list stores and business locations under different categories, import, export stores and easily translate the Store Locator script.store locator

Store Locator Script is completely optimized and responsive across a wide range of end-user devices to provide an optimal shopping experience for mobile phones, tablets, PC and Mac.


The PHP Store Locator script provides an easy store finder feature for your website. Categorize stores and business locations to make it easy for your website visitors to find stores using the Store Locator Filters.

Filter by distance

Your website visitors can easily find stores nearby using the basic filters on the front-end. Users can narrow down store results by filtering by distance too.

Custom map pinsstore locator

Use the Google Marker feature to add custom pins for each Store Category, so they can be easily picked out on the map.

Store images

With this Google Maps Store Locator add a custom image or logo for each store or business location. Upload the image from your computer when adding a store.

Geo coding

Zip Code locator and automatic coordinates input; find associated geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude) by entering the street address or the zip code or by dragging the pin on the map to locate the exact address of the store.

Import / export data

Import stores using CSV files. Export data using the backup function in the admin panel. The backup feature will let you export database and the files on your computer or it will save them in the Store Locator script.

Google map direction

With our Google Maps Store Locator your website visitors can take advantage of the Google Map Directions by entering their current location on the store list. Suggested direction is pointed on the map and the transit locations listed on the left.

'Email me' directionstore locator

Users can keep the pointed direction and list of the transit locations by using the email sending feature available on the Store Locator front-end.


Translate the Store Locator script to your language. Our PHP Store Locator has a Language Module that lets you translate and edit all front-end and back-end titles.

Timezone, date format & map zoom level

The Store Locator script lets you change the Timezone, the Date Format and the default Map Zoom Level. In addition, under the Options menu you are able to set default address and unit of distance.

User level access

The Store Locator script provides two levels of access to the admin panel – admins, with a full access to the system and editors, who have limited access only to Stores and Categories menu.

High-speed and performance

The framework is specially developed for high rate performance and works great even with heavy databases. Watch a video demonstration of one of our scripts having one million listings added and eight million records in the database.

Property Listing Script

Run your own real estate classifieds website with our easy yet powerful PHP real estate script.
$150 includes installation

Property Listing Script is an easy to use PHP real estate script which lets you manage a real estate listing website or portal. You can publish property classified ads online, edit property details and create users and assign roles. You can integrate an easy-to-use real estate ads manager into any website as you only have to copy/paste a single line of code.

Nice Front-end Interface

Nice front-end interface with 3 layouts and badges – sold, under offer and premium. Property Listing Script gives you the ability to choose between 3 attractive front-end layouts and add graphic badges to property ads knowing not a bit of programming.Property Listing Script

Add & Edit Property Listing

User friendly Property Listing Script administration panel and simple step-by-step process of adding a property: script admins and editors can easily add or edit property classifieds by simply following a tab-based interface guiding them through the process.

Role-based Admin Access

Script admins can create as many users as they want and give them different access to the property listing admin. Administrators have full access to the back-end, options, installation code while editors can only edit property listings.

Manage Property DetailsProperty Listing Script

User-friendly admin allows you to manage property details and make property ads look more attractive to your prospects. You can add high quality images, detailed description, price, property features, etc.

Image Gallery

Our real estate listing script allows you to upload high quality photos and images. You can also add a floor plan image. You can get a preview of how your property listing looks like from the back-end.

Advanced Multi-criteria Search

Advanced search engine will handle multi-criteria user search queries. The same search engine can be used by administrators and editors at the back-end.

Google Maps IntegrationProperty Listing Script

Our real estate listing software comes with Google maps integration where all your properties are pinned on. The real estate listing gives you the ability to choose whether certain property to be shown on the map or not.Property Script with Multiple Currency and Metrics Support

Multiple Currency & Metrics Support

Property Listing Script supports multiple currencies and metrics. We give you the ability to choose floor plan metrics between Square Feet and Square Meters. With Property Listing Scripts you can also target users from different countries by choosing your own listing currency.

Property Type & Feature Set

Property Listing Script gives you the ability to create your own custom property types - flat, house, land, commercial and etc. You can customize your property listing furthermore by adding your own feature set.Real Estate Listing Software w/t Autoresponder


Create a custom auto-responder email message. Users receive email every time when they request information via the contact form available on the property listing page.

External Language File

Use Property Listing Script on non-English website as well. You can easily translate all the front-end messages and titles simply by editing an external plain text language file.

CSS Customizable

Besides the 3 available layouts you can easily customize the look of your real estate listing pages by editing external CSS files. We can also customize the listing script for you.

High-speed and performance

The framework is specially developed for high rate performance and works great even with heavy databases. Watch a video demonstration of one of our scripts having one million listings added and eight million records in the database.

Ready-made Job Portal

$550 includes installation

Start your online job portal in no time with this affordable turnkey recruitment website! We offer a fully featured, ready-made website that requires no programming work on your side to set it live. Our software is equipped with all the features that a modern job search website may need.online job portal

Once you "turned the key" of your job search website it takes minimal effort to manage website content – edit website pages, add banners, classified ads, and meta tags for your website.


Ready-made website for recruitment agency with clean and responsive website design that provides an optimal user experience on mobile phones, tablets and desktops.


Using our job portal software you can translate the website, add multiple translations on the front-end and allow website visitors to switch between available languages.online job portal


Employer accounts allow recruiters to create detailed company profiles, add / purchase job listings, see applications, and download candidate's resumes.


Candidate profiles and applications are safely stored in the job portal software. You may regularly download your database and / or perform a backup of the database manually.


Allow job seekers to quickly sign in with a single click using their LinkedIn or Facebook accounts and share job ads on social media.


Paypal integration with our ready-made website allows you to charge companies for posting job ads on your recruitment website.online job portal


Our job portal software allows you to set different email notifications and password reminders to admins, employers, and job applicants.


The job website comes with a user-friendly administration panel where the admin can easily manage website settings, job ads, categories, companies, etc.

On-line Visitor Chat system

Fully-Featured PHP Online Chat Script for your Website
$70 includes installation

The ClientEngage Visitor Chat is a fully-featured real-time chat for your websites. A clear and simple web-based administration allows you to conveniently chat with your visitors. And best of all: Visitor Chat comes with a Windows-based client out-of-the-box. Without having to visit the Visitor Chat’s admin-interface you will be notified from your Windows tray and can start chatting straight away!

PHP Chat with Web- & Windows Clients - VisitorChat - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

By including one single snippet of JavaScript, this interactive and engaging Chat can be used on any website – whether you are using Wordpress, Joomla! or plain HTML.

Whilst chatting, your visitors can navigate through your website and after every page-load, the chat will go back to it’s previous state: they won’t lose any messages.

Functionality Description of ClientEngage Visitor Chat

PHP Live Support Chat Functionality Overview


  • Non-intrusive chat for your websites
  • Clear administrator chat-interface
  • View additional metadata of your visitors (pages they are on, referrers, and more)
  • Unlimited number of administrators
  • Easy to translate into other languages


Windows-based client included

  • Don’t want to keep a browser window open all day long?
  • You are notified of new visitors in real-time and can start chatting straight through the Windows-based client
  • The chat disappears to your system tray until you have a visitor opening the chat


Adaptable Templates & Translations

  • Have a chat that fully blends with the look and feel of your website
  • Comes with four pre-defined colour schemes
  • You can create an unlimited number of new chat styles and you have full control over the CSS
  • All visitor-facing texts can be easily changed


Easy Integration & Use

  • Simple copy & paste integration of your PHP live chat into anywebsite: just copy a brief JavaScript code into the respective site’s HTML template
  • Automated installation script – no extensive knowledge of PHP/MySQL necessary
  • Detailed handbook with installation & use instructions
  • Extensible: the system is developed with the CakePHP MVC framework and features a clean architecture. This means that, if you have web-development experience, the system is easily extensible

Multilingual Interface

ClientEngage Visitor Chat was built with internationalisation in mind: currently, you can select from British and American English as well as German.

Yellow Pages Script

Easy to use PHP directory script for anyone who wants to create a business directory.
$140 includes installation
Yellow Pages Script

Yellow Pages Script is a stand-alone PHP business directory script designed with a number of features to help you build and maintain a local business directory. A user friendly software interface helps admins create an unlimited number of categories, add business listings, pin business addresses on Google map and even monetize their business directory. With a Developer License you can make your own changes to the PHP directory script.